Welcome to FSC PASS

The Performer Availability Screening Service (PASS) is a program administered by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) in order to provide the adult industry with a safe, reliable, and standardized STI testing protocol and a centralized database for checking the clearance to work status of tested talent and crew members.

The PASS program includes:

  • A network of PASS-Certified providers with a series of nationwide testing sites that provide low cost, high quality testing in a timely manner
  • Variety of medical providers for treatment of performrs in need of medical follow-up
  • Consistent standards and guidelines for testing and treatment of adult performers
  • A secure database that ensures performer privacy and protects producer liability
  • Protocol for performer support in the event of a positive HIV test result, including funding for testing of 1st and 2nd generation partners
  • Testing procedures for calling an industry-wide production hold when necessary to prevent the spread of infection.

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